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Calorad ® Weight Loss
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Calorad ® Weight Loss
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Calorad Weight Loss

Calorad Weight Loss

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Welcome to the Official Collagen Information site. I'm Dr. Dave Nelson.

Let me introduce you to a
new breakthrough protein supplement - Calorad 2000 ® - that has been found to help people lose fat and inches in a natural and healthy way. Calorad ® provides a perfect chain of amino acids to support your body in many critical areas including weight loss, assistance in rebuilding lean muscle, restoration of the body’s collagen base, and improvements in stamina and energy! If you feel better, you do more. If you do more, your metabolism goes up and you burn more fat. You feel even better . . . and start the process all over again.

Rebuilding lean muscle and connective tissue – so healthy fat and inch loss comes naturally.

Calorad ® is the revolutionary wellness formula that many experts are calling “the breakthrough fat loss product of our time!” This unique product helps your body utilize fats and sugars more efficiently, so it can actually help you lose weight and inches while you sleep! It is an all-natural, collagen-based drink that assists your body in utilizing unwanted fat during the critical first hour of sleep, when it’s in its natural state of repair. As we age and are exposed to compromising environmental factors, our tissue breaks down and should be repaired. This process of degeneration will continue until we supply the body with the proper supplementation. Most people don’t know have any idea how to help nourish themselves with the best product to facilitate this important repair process.

It’s so EASY! This collagen product actually works while you’re SLEEPING.

In the first hour of sleep, your body goes into delta sleep mode. In this “rejuvenation” period, the body repairs and rebuilds itself. As we grow older, this process slows down, and our bodies no longer produce the same level of collagen and amino acids required to keep our skin looking as radiant or our bodies as tight and strong as they used to be. Calorad 2000 ® is a natural source of highly absorbable collagen protein that can feed the body during sleep. It is formulated in a cold enzymatic process which allows the collagen protein to be extremely bio-available, so it can be readily absorbed to assist your body’s production of lean muscle tissue, which in turn utilizes more fat, naturally!

Millions of satisfied customers attest to the miracle of this simple and profoundly effective product.

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